Luisa Rafidi



I’m a digital artist with a passion for character art and giving them life through my work. My gift for drawing characters with life-like expressions has attracted studios to me such as Nickelodeon Animation, where I worked as a Visual Development Artist in charge of translating the main characters’ design into my style. In my free time you’ll most likely find me, well, drawing, playing video games, or daydreaming. I also enjoy going for walks with my camera and photographing anything that catches my eye, which may end up as inspiration for more art. I’ve been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil. Art always was and will always be a constant in my life — I couldn’t give up drawing even if I tried.

To me, deadlines are sacred and must be honoured. Do it fast and do it well; these are the words I live by when doing a job. I work as a freelance character designer and illustrator, and currently I’m attending photography school, my other passion. Not only is it a joy to be able to tend to another creative field that I enjoy, but the knowledge I’m getting in photography will be useful for my art, and vice-versa. I’m well-acquainted with production pipelines, having worked with studios such as the previously mentioned Nickelodeon, and being trained at CG Masters in an animation studio-like environment. Always trying to improve myself and learn more, I’ve also had my fair share of academic experience — I’ve studied digital art and animation at DigiPen Institute of Technology (Washington, USA), 3D animation and VFX at CG Masters (British Columbia, Canada) and, at the moment, professional photography at Langara.

I want to continue improving myself as an artist, creating characters and seeing them come to life animation and games. If you’d like to work together, feel free to drop me a line at


If you'd like to work together, feel free to contact me at